.crt File

An SSL certificate, an electronic document which ties a public key to a trusted entity. This electronic document is a key piece in an authentication process. ... View


A file that resides in a specific directory, and contains configuration information applying to that directory. The .htaccess file may also contain authentication instructions. ... View


Account: A record for accessing privatized information. For example, your cPanel account lets you manage your website. In cPanel, other instances of the term “account” occur in email and FTP. ... View

Account-Level Filter

Account-Level Filter: A rule that determines where email, delivered to a domain's main email account and meeting certain criteria, will be delivered. ... View

Addon Domain

Addon Domain: An additional domain name associated with a cPanel account. Each addon domain is stored in its own directory that can be configured by website owners. This allows website owners to ... View


A process for confirming the identity of someone with whom the server will share sensitive information. On the web, authentication usually involves either a username and password set or a ... View

Auto Responder

Auto responders allow you to automate replies to incoming email. In cPanel, this feature can be useful for confirming the receipt of mail, or for informing correspondents that the recipient is ... View


A copy of your website’s files, directories, databases, and email configurations. Keeping a backup copy of your website on your personal computer is a wise precaution. ... View

Bandwidth Limit

A limit imposed on the amount of data an account is allowed to transfer per month. ... View


Images which appear on a website, often as advertisements at the top or bottom of a page. Often, banners alternate with each successive visit to the page. ... View

Bounce Message

An email reply informing a sender that there was a problem delivering an email. ... View


An application included with cPanel that filters spam by requiring would-be senders to reply to a verification email (also known as challenge-response verification). The original email will only be ... View

BoxTrapper Blacklist

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will be automatically blocked by the BoxTrapper application. cPanel automatically sends a configurable warning message upon receipt of mail from a ... View

BoxTrapper Ignore List

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will be blocked. cPanel does not send a warning message upon receipt of mail from an address ignored by the BoxTrapper application. ... View

BoxTrapper Whitelist

A list of email addresses from which incoming mail will automatically be accepted by the BoxTrapper application. ... View

Brute Force (Attack)

A type of attack wherein the attacker enters a large number of combinations of characters, in an attempt to decrypt a key. WHM includes cPHulk, a protection system that lets you lock out brute force ... View

Catch-All Address

The email address to which cPanel routes any email message sent to email accounts which do not exist on a domain. Also known as a Default Address. ... View


Any application that accesses a service on another computer. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer can be called web clients. FTP clients include FileZilla and Cyberduck. ... View

CPU Load

The amount of processing ability currently being consumed by programs on your server, measured in a percentage. ... View

Cron Job

A command on a server, executed at regular intervals. These commands are stored in a Unix configuration file called crontab. ... View

CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

A request, which you send to a certificate authority, for an identity certificate. cPanel can generate a CSR for you, but since authorities vary with regard to the information they require, you ... View

Default Address

The email address to which cPanel routes any email message sent to email accounts which do not exist at a domain. Also known as a Catch-All Address. ... View


A term used to describe a feature which is no longer supported. ... View

DHA (Directory Harvest Attack)

A technique employed by spammers whereby they attempt to find valid email addresses through guesswork, using various permutations of common addresses. ... View

Dictionary Attack

A method whereby a malicious user tries to guess a password using words found in a dictionary. Similar to a brute force attack. ... View

Directory (Folder)

A repository for files, analogous to a file folder on a personal computer. In website management, a directory will contain the website's files. ... View

Disk Space Quota

A limit placed on the amount of disk space an account is allowed to use. ... View


The name a site owner gives a website, which will appear in the website’s URL and email addresses. Usually seen as example.com, where example is meant for the domain name. ... View

Domain Forwarding

A technique that allows you or your users to automatically send visitors to a domain when they access another domain. For example, a user may reach example.com by typing example2.com. See also ... View


In cPanel, a tool that processes mail according to your preferences. For example, a filter can automatically discard spam or save mail from a specified sender to its own folder. In cPanel, filters ... View


A tool that lets you forward a copy of every email message you receive to another address. When a forwarder is set up, you will still receive mail at the original recipient address. If, however, you ... View

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

A method of transferring files from one computer to another. cPanel & WHM comes equipped with an FTP server that can be configured to the website owner's preference. An FTP client must be ... View

Horde Webmail

A webmail client that is included with CPanel. A webmail client allows users to check email through a web browser. ... View


The unique, human recognizable name by which a server will be known across the Internet. For example, host.example.com. ... View

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

Along with POP3, one of the two most widely used email transfer methods. IMAP synchronizes email account information with the mail server on a regular basis. If a user logs into multiple computers ... View

Index Page

The page, most often titled index.html, index.htm or index.php, viewed by default when a visitor accesses a directory of a website. If no index page exists for the specified directory, the visitor ... View


A full-featured e-commerce application server that will allow you to conduct business online, granting your users a virtual shopping cart, payment method, and more. ... View


In cryptography, a key is used to encrypt or decrypt information. Keys are an important part of encryption and security and should be guarded appropriately. A key file is saved with the filename ... View


A file, automatically created by the server, that records activities performed by specific programs and applications on the server. For instance, error logs are lists, generated by Apache, of errors ... View

Mailing List

A list of email addresses which list members can use to communicate. Alternatively, such a list can be used to send email messages to a large group of people. cPanel & WHM uses a program called ... View


Mailing list software that sends email messages to a group of specified email addresses. ... View

MX (Mail eXchanger) Entry

A record that specifies where email should be sent for a domain, as it contains the mail server’s IP address. ... View


A relational database management tool and server, as well as the type of database it manages. Databases are an integral part of web applications, such as bulletin boards and blogs. cPanel provides ... View

Parked Domain

A second domain that points to a primary domain. When users attempt to access the parked domain, they will see the main website. For example, both http://www.cpanel.net and http://www.cpanel.com go ... View


A computer scripting language in which many web-based applications are written. PHP applications are commonly found with the filename extensions .php, .php4, or .php5. Some PHP applications require ... View


A graphical application that allows server administrators to manipulate and manage MySQL databases over the Internet. ... View

POP before SMTP

An authentication method for mail servers that will allow a user who has received mail via POP3 or IMAP to send mail for 30 minutes without reauthenticating through SMTP. ... View

POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)

Along with IMAP, one of the two most widely used email transfer methods. POP3 simply copies every message in an email account to a local computer, removing it from the mail server. No information is ... View

Private Key

A string of characters that a computer uses to encode or decode encrypted messages it receives. Encryption schemes use a matching pair of keys (one public, one private) to create a secret code so ... View


The spread of a website’s DNS information across the Internet. ... View

Public Key

A string of characters that a computer uses to encode or decode encrypted messages it receives. Typically, a public key will be placed on a server so that you can establish an encrypted connection ... View


A subdirectory, located inside your home directory, that contains files that are publicly accessible via FTP. FTP users may also upload files to this directory. This is the default directory users ... View


A subdirectory, located inside the home directory, that contains files that are publicly accessible via HTTP. The www directory is a link to public_html. Any files and folders inside of public_html ... View


A feature that sends users to a different domain than the one they were trying to access. For example, a user may reach example.com by typing example2.com. cPanel allows website owners to set up ... View


A web page which links to a site; also called an “HTTP referer.” This spelling is the industry standard term, though it is based on a misspelling of “referrer.” ... View

RoundCube Webmail

A webmail client that allows users to check email through an Internet browser rather than an email client. ... View

Shopping Cart

A piece of software used on web servers during e-commerce. A shopping cart allows the shopper to hold items they wish to purchase while they are still shopping on the website. ... View


Chiefly, unsolicited email sent in bulk, usually by an automated system. As spam is considered a costly nuisance to the recipient, cPanel includes features like SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper that can ... View


An application which can filter suspected spam. Spamassassin can be configured to filter spam more or less aggressively, according to the user's needs. Learn more about Spamassassin at ... View

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)

A feature that allows a recipient server to verify that an email message has really been sent from the domain specified in the From: field. Enabling SPF can prevent your server from receiving replies ... View


An attack wherein the attacker conceals his identity by appearing as another user through the falsification of data, such as email headers. Enabling SPF makes it more difficult for spammers to ... View

SQL Database

A type of relational database management system. WHM is compatible with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. ... View

SquirrelMail Webmail

A webmail client that allows a user to check his or her email through an Internet browser. ... View

SSL Certificate

An electronic document (using the filename extension .crt) which binds a public key to an identity consisting of an email address, company, and location. This electronic document is a key piece in ... View


A subsection of a website that exists as a subdirectory in the website owner's home folder. If the domain were example.com, then the subdomain URL would appear as subdomain.example.com. ... View


A version of an image file that is reduced in size, allowing for easy viewing of multiple images. ... View


A cPanel tool that automatically sizes down all the images in a directory. The new thumbnails are stored in a subdirectory named */Thumbnails, where * is meant to represent the parent directory ... View

Time to Live

Often abbreviated as TTL, it specifies how long a particular record should be kept in memory before it should be deleted. This is most often used within DNS. ... View


A small box of information that will hover above an icon when the cursor points at it. ... View

Trojan Horse

Also known simply as a trojan, a piece of software that claims to perform one function but actually performs malicious functions secretly. ... View

URL (Universal Resource Locator)

On the web, a URL is a string of characters that identifies the location of a website. Since IP addresses are difficult to remember, URLs are used instead. For example, it is much easier to remember ... View

Web Browser

An application used to view and interact with sites and pages on the World Wide Web. Examples include Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, and Safari®. ... View

Web Hosting Glossary

The following is a glossary of popular words associated with web hosting. ActiveXA loosely defined set of technologies developed by Microsoft. ActiveX is an outgrowth of two other Microsoft ... View

Web Root

The top-most directory of your website (namely, public_html or www), inside which all of the files and subdirectories for your website reside. ... View

Web Server

A program, such as Apache, which receives requests from clients (web browsers), retrieves the requested web pages, and “serves” them to the clients. ... View


Any application which allows website owners to access email through a web browser. The main advantage to webmail is the ability to access the email account from any computer connected to the ... View